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Up/Down - Accelerate/Reverse
Left/Right - Tilt the truck back and forth (just makes the back/front a bit heavier)
R - Restart Level
Space - Jump
1/2/3 - Start Track 1,2 or 3


Tilting is important to climb steep slopes. Jump can be used to get awesome times if you get it right. It can also be used to get you off your back used in conjunction with the tilt controls. Thats only really useful if you're quite a long way through the track and don't want to just restart.


I thought doing some physics in 4K would be interesting. This is a light weight verlet implementation. The truck thing was just going to be a test case for the tiny engine before writing something else but it seemed to turn out ok. Now I just need another idea for a physics game.

It's barely under 4k at the moment. Java performed surprisingly well even when I had the option to turn on antialiasing (taken out due to space restrictions).