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package org.newdawn.slick.util.pathfinding;

 * A description of an implementation that can find a path from one 
 * location on a tile map to another based on information provided
 * by that tile map.
 * @see TileBasedMap
 * @author Kevin Glass
public interface PathFinder {

	 * Find a path from the starting location provided (sx,sy) to the target
	 * location (tx,ty) avoiding blockages and attempting to honour costs 
	 * provided by the tile map.
	 * @param mover The entity that will be moving along the path. This provides
	 * a place to pass context information about the game entity doing the moving, e.g.
	 * can it fly? can it swim etc.
	 * @param sx The x coordinate of the start location
	 * @param sy The y coordinate of the start location
	 * @param tx The x coordinate of the target location
	 * @param ty Teh y coordinate of the target location
	 * @return The path found from start to end, or null if no path can be found.
	public Path findPath(Mover mover, int sx, int sy, int tx, int ty);

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