5 Reasons for a New Video Conferencing Tool

According to my blog I’ve been away for over a year, what have I been doing? Well for shame, it’s not been games. The company I founded and work for have been producing a new video conferencing and collaboration application. I’ve been hard at work trying to change the way video conferencing works today and make something special, feel free to check it out here https://www.justchimein.com

A new tool you say, haven’t we already got lots of those? I saw XYZ company come out with one just recently! Well yes, video conferencing is something thats been around a lot of years now and unfortunately the needle doesn’t move much from where we started. Boxes with video in, big expensive servers, terrible maintainence overheads and a lack of really interesting style. So, why did we go this way:

  1. We want it on the web – We don’t want to install plugins, I don’t want to download your thick client and more I don’t want to keep it up to date
  2. We want it lighter – We don’t want to keep having massive server requirements to support everything, even the cloud solutions are chunky
  3. We want it easy – We don’t want to be typing in PIN numbers, or meeeting IDs, or worse waiting while I’m approved to enter.
  4. We want it slick – why can’t I have something that looks and feels cool? We live in a world of beautifully designed apps but video conferencing is still boxes and text
  5. We want to make use of new technology – so many advances in video tech, so many advances in access technologies – why aren’t we using them?

In Chime we’ve attempted to address these things (and many others). I think we’ve come out with something pretty special. By all means go out there, try it out, sign up and let me know what you think.

As always feedback richly appreciated.



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