How you so good Mr Glass?

I get a few emails each month asking me about what process I took to get “so good” at coding. It’s really appreciated but doesn’t really make sense if you take a look at my code.

Here’s today’s response:

Dude, Mr Glass is my father, I’m Kev 🙂

I’m really not that skilled at coding, I’ve just been doing it a long time. Like you I started young (I was about 5) and now I’m 37. So I’ve been coding about 30 years. It’s mostly about the amount of time you spend doing it, but it’s not a short process at all.
A few things I’ve found over the years:
1) Morale – theres only one way to keep going, because you enjoy it. If you don’t stop. If you do, you’ll keep going rain or shine.
2) English – make sure your english is good, having a good vocabulary and knowing how to abuse the language makes coding easier. It also makes it easier to read later.
3) Technology – pick one and stick with it. There’s always another technology coming out and by all means play and learn – but take the decision to change your main technology very very seriously.
4) Learn by doing – don’t be afraid to swap projects, to experiment to learn. The fastest and best way to learn anything is to sit there and “just do it”.
5) Respect – always respect everyone you interact with. There are many many bright people out there that will help you if you ask nicely. Don’t expect them to, and don’t get mad if they don’t, but you’ll get much further faster if you keep respecting everyone.
6) Life – don’t let code be the only thing in your life. Without all the other things going on you don’t get stimulated for innovation. You need to expose your mind to other things in the world to be able to see where technology fits in.
Best of luck to you,
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