Legends of Yore 2 : Rise of the Darklings

So I guess it’s official, I’m starting to work on Legends of Yore 2 – which I’m subtitling Rise of the Darklings. I’ll post some concept shots etc in a minute but I’d like to talk about the process I’ve been taking during the interim for a minute.

As you’ve seen if you read my blog or follow on twitter I’ve been knocking out lots of little game demos, this is how I work. I try stuff, lots of stuff, over and over again until I feel comfortable I’ve got everything down. In this case the projects were:

Voxel Based Engine – Experimenting with different graphical styles

Carubloc – Looking at LibGDX across platforms

Matchnik – To look a procedural puzzle generation

Turn Based Platformer – To look at turn based mechanics with a bit more action

Mega Melon Adventure – To play with gamepads and the OUYA

Sub-pixel Sprite Animation – Obviously more tailored towards Legends, just needed to find a way to generate enough graphics.

There’s actually been a few others that never saw the light of day, including a very random bouncing game. This is I’ve come to understand my process. I experiment a lot before I actually go anywhere. It’s not intentional but I can see the pattern looking back. I’m hoping this is going to make Legends of Yore 2 a better game.

So, enough waffle, Legends of Yore 2 – so far I’m coding and spriting like crazy. Here’s the concept art that I’m currently working for. This time it’s all my own art – I intend to license some music/sounds but everything else should be from me:


The plan for the game is do something similar to last time while fixing as many of the things that I learnt along the way. So the game is intended to be epic in size and scope – hopefully bigger than last time. Things I liked last time:

  • No level cap – keep going as long as you like
  • Yore – the world, it’ll be set here again though maybe many years on
  • Diversity – the varied landscape and characters
  • Procedural – the dungeons kept changing but the world above was the same. People seemed to love that
  • Items/Armor/Weapons – a huge wealth of things to collect and apply
  • Class upgrades – this was a late add but once that I absolutely loved.
  • The Second Stat – Wizards got Health and Mana as always, but why couldn’t Warriors and Archers have something special too – Rage and Zen were added. Very neat (thanks to PuppyGames for the original thought on this)

So there were a bunch of things that I did last time but I want to be better this time:

  • Magic – last time it was too hap hazard, designing a spells tree with different schools of magic before we get started.
  • Skills – as with magic, way to random. Again skill tree designed before hand this time.
  • Pets – I always felt like they could have been so much more. I was losing steam with the game when I added them so they came out partially done. Fix them this time.
  • Quests – I liked the quests system in Legends, it added a lot. This time I want quests to be richer and more varied.
  • Save Games – they will be keyed against an email you provide. Last time it was just too half assed. This time it’s going to be cleanly done with a web portal to support your character.
  • In App Purchase – none. ever again. Buy the full version. Your account gets updated. Fin.
  • Interface – The interface last time was streamlined for mobile players. It was good. However, this time it’s going to be better and also support console players more naturally.

Finally bits that I want to add that I didn’t have last time:

  • Richer graphics, visible weapons, variations in characters, animations and direction changes. Yes it won’t feel quite the same, but Yes it’s going to be better.
  • Epic Quests – large quests that get you through the story line more obviously. Legends actually had a story line but I’m not sure anyone saw it 🙂
  • Underwater – it’s got to be in there somewhere, I’m just not sure how yet. I want it though.
  • Dynamic Events – I want the game to still be single player but I’m going to introduce a system that allows me to have “in game events” like a MMORPG. Zombies infest a town etc.
  • Player Interaction – While the game will be single player but I want to introduce some innovative ways to have players interact.

So.. yep.. on the way. As always and especially with last game I appreciated all the player feedback and ideas I can get. I’ll be running graphics competitions and other things (oooer) as we go along.

Hope you come along for the ride!



  1. Stephen J Jacques says:

    BRILLIANT!!! Love the subtitle! Darklings, they sound cute! 😀

    The underwater sounds perfect! Also any chance you could add a day/night cycle and weather this time around? See you on Twitter buddy!

  2. Sam says:

    I am so excited. I used to play the original all the time on my phone in class instead of studying. I just love it so much and I want this so bad.

  3. jrenner says:

    Why no in app purchases?
    Did they not prove profitable, or is there some other reason.

  4. woczarder says:

    This is going to be the best game ever. I like the title too.

  5. beetlebon says:

    Will the game data files be XML based? 😉

    Glad you are working on LoY 2. Looking forward to seeing it evolve.

  6. woczarder says:

    Day and night cycle? Maybe beds?

  7. mario1664 says:

    OMG WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE?! Also are there going to be some old bad guys in there? I’m looking forward to destroying Giant Guard again >:)

  8. Richard Langlois says:

    Bloody brilliant!! Love the concepts described so far! The only thing I could suggest would be to maybe (MAYBE) make it a trifle more obvious if a dungeon is beyond your current level? I am loving LoY, but it took me a while to figure out that the reason I was having so much trouble advancing was because I was totally outclassed in the dungeons I was crawling through. Found one with lower level mobs and had a blast. Can’t wait to hear the contests announced!

  9. Constantine says:

    Is that possible to add achievements?

  10. Bubba says:

    I love the fact that you are making another game, the first is great, and i like the idea of a day/night cycle listed above. Could you also look into adding personal horses, instead of the 5000 gold fast travel? And, while I don’t know if its possible, a multi-player aspect?

  11. Brandon Rich says:

    What if town maps teleported you to any town you have visited previously.

  12. Skot says:

    Awesome! Cant wait, spent many days on legends. Since its official are you gonna start up a section in the forum? I remember all the buzz discussing up coming builds and features for legends back in the day. I’m not a twitter man so maybe I’m missing all the action on there?

  13. dan says:

    Hi, i’m glad you are working on the 2nd yore game already, but i still want to purchase the 1st one. i have a level 18 char that i play on my phone and desktop. if i buy the desktop version, how will i update my android version to full?

  14. Luky says:

    Cant wait.

  15. peterf28 says:

    truly a great game, my favourite android game .
    Please just do NOT make it 3D (voxel or whatever), keep the engine from the first game .
    Also turn based is a bad bad idea .

  16. Caleb Taylor says:

    Hey, I am currently making a game and wa wondering what engine did you use to make the original ledgend of yore? Thank you! I’m a big fan of your work

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