Legends of Yore Game Pad Updates

I got contacted by MoGa a while ago, they offered to send me a couple of gamepads so I could add game pad support into legends. I did a pretty average job and it didn’t really work everywhere. Certainly not the experience I’d like players to have – but due to lack of time I left it. It’s been eating at me ever since.

Last week OUYA reached out and offered to send me a unit to port legends over. Same issue was going to turn up again so I spent the time this weekend implementing full gamepad support into legends – every feature of the game is now gamepad enabled.

Now, as you may know legends is complicated, I mean there are lots and lots and lots of options and control so attempting to add gamepad support for all of them seemed like it was going to be a tonne of work. So.. some software engineering to apply!

Instead of just going through every page and adding custom code for each feature I added what I called “PadAccessibility” which was essentially a utility class that every page and tab could use. PadAccessibility allowed the definition of “zones” on the screen – each of these zones represents a touchable area. Reminded me of the Sierra point and click games.

Anyway, when the gamepad is activated the PadAccessibility class can highlight these zones. It’ll also allow navigating though the zones list. Zones can also define relationships between each other – so where you have a grid of boxes like in the Inventory screen you can set up Zones to know that one is above/below the other so navigation feels natural.

Net result: every screen in legends has one of these controllers. It lets you navigate the complete UI from a keyboard or gamepad controller.

Roll on OUYA! Come on Fedex, get that box to me!

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