Why now?

latest-small-64So here we are, another day, another new blog – but this time its personal. I’ve been developing software a while, 20 odd years commercially and if you count all the years I spent as a kid we’re talking 30 years.

I’ve watched software turn from something a few people knew how to do, to being a skill, to being a formal method, to being a discipline in its own right and finally being an integral part of every enterprise business everywhere. It’s been fun and I thought until recently I didn’t really mind how it was done as long as I still had a job.

Then it happened, I became a manager, I watched as teams of people I looked after did things different ways, and believed and subscribed to different methods than I did. No, it didn’t scare me, its positive right? Well yes it is, but then you start seeing the time thats so important to your business disappearing down rat holes of belief and opinion. Remember, when you’re writing software it shouldn’t ever be just for “the sake of it” or worse still as an “engineering exercise”. Commercial software serves the business it’s written for, like it or not, as a software developer you’re a cog in a large machine thats trying to make money.

The reason for this blog? I posted this on facebook today and got a score of replies about software. I didn’t realise but I actually care, not sure when it happened, but I do and I’ve done this stuff, a lot. This blog documents my opinions and hopes to drive discussion if not agreement.


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