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The Cell

You are Sidney, a convict wrongly banged up. Sidney has mutant powers – the ability to copy himself. Sidney must escape through a series of cells to be free of the prison.

Avoid the prison guards, they’ll wake up if you get to close. Avoid traps and lazers. Press the switches to open the doors to the cells.

Ludum Dare


Based on the classic Adam Atomic creation Canabalt. Run across the top of buildings – try not to fall off.

Java 4K

Putty Puzzle

Putty Puzzle is a deceivingly complicated puzzle where you reshape – you guessed it putty – around a level to help the little guys home. There’s a built in game editor and this one is entirely free.


Rock Paper Shotgun



In Tiltilation you must tilt the board in order to move the ball around and guide it to the goal, grabbing as much of the gold that you find along the way as possible. The first levels of Tiltilation will appear ridiculously easy, but as you advance through the game and get closer to level 64, things get more and more interesting, and much harder too!