Legacy of Yore v209

Just uploaded Legacy of Yore release v209 – check it out at https://legacyofyore.com

This release changed a lot and added a tonne of stuff. It took longer than I’d like but I did get distracted by another project and the Gamedev.js Game Jam (I didn’t place last!). Looking through the tickets in Trello here’s a run down of some of whats new:

  • 2 new locations
  • 4 new dungeons
  • 20+ new monsters
  • 6 new quests
  • 20+ new items
  • Level vs XP rework – its now a much more sensible system
  • Android App available
  • iOS App available (though I’m holding the release on that one at the moment)
  • Items are now labelled (well with an icon) for their slot
  • Monsters can now use magic attacks
  • Monsters can now use ranged attacks
  • Show monster names while they’re attacking
  • Items and monsters can now resist magic
  • Bugs
    • Fullscreen iOS issues
    • Gems stacking
    • Music stopped while in background
    • Dead monsters getting attacks
    • Monster icons not showing on rooms
    • Treasure rooms blocking exits
    • Inventory closing after using an item is ANNOYING!
    • Hatchet is overpower
    • Make it obvious that paging exists in inventory

Hope you enjoy playing, let me know!

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