Tales of Yore

Well here we are again, it’s been a while with a lot of changes. Last year started out as some of the awful times of my life. I found new lows to which I could plummet and ended up being off work for a prolonged period. It really wasn’t the best of times, just the worst of times.

It did give me rather a lot of time to think and remember the joy that building Legends of Yore gave me. So I started a new project, as you can see below, Legacy of Yore. I love the game very much but it wasn’t really bringing me any new ideas or joy – so I decided to do thing I’ve told everyone I’ve ever talked to about game development not to do – pick an enormous project and just start.

Tales of Yore is an online multiplayer role play game. It’s based in my world of Yore, but it’s real time and lets people explore together in one persistent world. I don’t call it a MMORPG, since not many people play it, but hey, maybe one day!

To build Tales of Yore, just like previously, I’m using an amazing asset pack – this time it’s Minifantasy which is available over on Itch.io. It’s a really great set that I’m now an active patron of.

It’s been 7 months since I started building Tales and it’s really starting to become something that I can be proud of. There are regular players, there are tonnes of items and quests and the world of Yore is always growing. It’s not any sort of exaggeration to say that the community around Minifantasy, around Legends of Yore and around Tales have saved my life this year. Things could have turned out very differently. Thank you all the fantastic folks therein.

I found my passion again and I couldn’t be happier that it was all there waiting like a cozy tavern for me when I needed it.

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