Legends of Yore

Took some time, but I think I’ve got it back to building at least for the web. This gives me the option to repackage it and ship on iOS and Android as Legends of Yore Redux.

Test it out and let me know how you get on:

Mobile Mode: http://legendsofyore.com/new/?display=mobile

Tablet Mode: http://legendsofyore.com/new/

Legacy of Yore v209

Just uploaded Legacy of Yore release v209 – check it out at https://legacyofyore.com

This release changed a lot and added a tonne of stuff. It took longer than I’d like but I did get distracted by another project and the Gamedev.js Game Jam (I didn’t place last!). Looking through the tickets in Trello here’s a run down of some of whats new:

  • 2 new locations
  • 4 new dungeons
  • 20+ new monsters
  • 6 new quests
  • 20+ new items
  • Level vs XP rework – its now a much more sensible system
  • Android App available
  • iOS App available (though I’m holding the release on that one at the moment)
  • Items are now labelled (well with an icon) for their slot
  • Monsters can now use magic attacks
  • Monsters can now use ranged attacks
  • Show monster names while they’re attacking
  • Items and monsters can now resist magic
  • Bugs
    • Fullscreen iOS issues
    • Gems stacking
    • Music stopped while in background
    • Dead monsters getting attacks
    • Monster icons not showing on rooms
    • Treasure rooms blocking exits
    • Inventory closing after using an item is ANNOYING!
    • Hatchet is overpower
    • Make it obvious that paging exists in inventory

Hope you enjoy playing, let me know!

Legacy of Yore – The Legend Continues


Mirror Match – Gamedevjs Jam 2021

I had some spare time and an idea stuck in my head – so I did another game for the Jam.

Click the correct mirror image of the pattern you see. How many can you get in 60 seconds?

Try it out: https://kevglass.itch.io/mirror-match

Mirlin – Gamedevjs Jam 2021

Made for the theme “Mirror” on the gamedevjs Jam – this represents me actually coming back to building games after ~8 years away. It’s almost too emotional! 🙂

Mirlin is a puzzle game where you exist in two spaces and need to recover the mirror gems.

Try it: https://kevglass.itch.io/mirlin


Rescue the the lost mushroom by jumping your way out. Puzzles and platforms everywhere. 22 levels free with an additional 88 coming in a $2 paid for upgrade.

This is still a work in progress, the free version is complete and the paid levels are underway. Looking for people to play, test and feedback whats good and bad.

Wizards of Yore

Wizards of Yore is a game in development for iOS, Android and Desktop platforms. The player takes control of a wizard battling against other casters on a chess board, conjuring creatures to fight on their behalf and casting powerful spells to destroy their opponents.

Legends of Yore

As with all young adventurers you crave a dungeon to explore and monsters to slay. Delving deep into the catacombs you will find both adventure and reward. Danger and joy. If you make it through maybe you’ll become a .. Legend of Yore.



Pocket Gamer

Jay Is Games

Funky Football

Take your team to the top in this deceptively deep football/soccer strategy game. Take on the rest of the world to win the championship or just play a quick game to pass the time on the way to work. If you love football/soccer you need this game.


A block matching puzzle game. Slide blocks into the game play area by tapping at the edge of the screen. Match the pattern displayed in the fastest time.